All Updates Unlocked!

  • Update 6: ???

    Barry discovers a new dimension!

  • Update 5: New Map

    Prof. Brains’ Plans Take Shape

  • Update 4: Horde Mode

    Completely revamped survival mode!

  • Update 3: Brisbane Zombie Walk Map

  • Update 2: New Survival Map

    Prof. Brains does a little experiment

  • Update 1: Co-op Multiplayer

    Fight the horde with up to 3 friends!

Global Zombie Kill Counter


We made it to 1 BILLION kills! All unlocked stretch goals will be coming in future updates.

  • 100 Million Kills 

    More weapons and new ammo types.

  • 200 Million Kills 

    Fresh zombies to blast in the face.

  • 400 Million Kills 

    A full-blown challenge system.

  • 600 Million Kills 

    New episodes and story missions.

  • 800 Million Kills 

    A brand new multiplayer mode.

  • 1000 Million Kills 

    Barry's very own pet robot!

These rewards will not be unlocked immediately. Development will commence once Zombie Month has ended.